Client Spotlight: “It’s Hard to Believe That I’ve Made So Much Progress”

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A few months ago, Linda reached out to me because she was struggling in her good relationship. She had negative experiences from the past that were impacting her current relationship with herself and her partner, and all she wanted was to be able to enjoy herself.

Today, I wanted to give you a little insight into the before and after of one of my lovely clients who recently “graduated” from my 8-week program.

As a coach and former grumpy girlfriend, I wholeheartedly believe in coaching and I know first-hand how powerful it is! Yet, my clients never stop impressing me with the progress they make and I am so proud of them for putting in all this work.

Linda is no exception. Every single week she kept taking huge leaps in the right direction, even during the weeks when she felt she was taking steps backward. She kept working, kept trying, and I had to keep reminding her of how much progress she was making.

Here’s what she had to say about her situation before coaching:

My self-worth was almost non-existent

“At first I hesitated to reach out for sessions. How could it possibly help me? I have tried everything on my own, why would this be any different? But I was miserable, I really really didn’t want to be a grumpy girlfriend anymore. I was super jealous and anxious. I spent many days crying because I felt so helpless, small, and worthless because of my feelings and how they affected my relationship with my partner.

My self-worth was almost non-existent.” – Linda

Whenever a client comes to me and describes their relationship with themselves as really bad and destructive, I tell them one thing and one thing only: We do not have to fix your relationship with yourself before you get to stop being a grumpy girlfriend.

Your relationship with yourself will improve as a byproduct of the work that we do.

Sure, some coaching will touch on that topic as well. But I am a firm believer in the fact that learning to manage your mind, process scary, painful emotions, and control your bad behaviors is THE most effective way of improving your relationship with yourself. You just can’t help but like a person who is that powerful and awesome…

“I finally feel hopeful about the future

Here’s what Linda had to say about the coaching experience:

“Katrin gave me new perspectives, endless support and through our sessions, she held me accountable. Katrin gave me tools and helped me understand why I was acting the way I did and how I could handle it. It’s hard to believe that I’ve actually made so much progress, I never thought I could!

It’s still a work in progress but I finally feel hopeful about the future – and motivated to continue working towards being a happy and confident girlfriend!” – Linda

Bear in mind, this is coming from a person who really struggles to see her own success and progress. So that should tell you something. Linda in our first session and Linda in our last session were like two completely different people.

During our first couple of sessions together we spent a lot of time equipping her to handle situations that normally sent her into a fight or flight mode (where her reaction of “choice” was flight or freeze). During our last session and the week after she was so relaxed and secure in these situations that we were able to start discussing boundaries and standing up for yourself (from a place of love). Now that’s what I call huge progress!

“Coaching has impacted my relationship immensely! Through coaching, I was able to analyze situations and find the reasons behind my actions. After our coaching sessions, I felt stronger and more present in my relationship. I can now perceive many of my thoughts and deal with them in a much more productive and healthy way. I feel motivated to be a better, more confident, and happy girlfriend.” – Linda

“Exactly the kind of coach I needed

Now you might be curious about what it’s like to work with me as a coach. What kind of coach am I? Well, the truth is that I’m a slightly different coach for each of my clients. There’s not really a one-size-fits-all. But what Linda describes from her experience is definitely true no matter who you are as my client.

I asked her what it was like to work with me. She said:

“It was amazing. You are a true gift to us grumpy girlfriends and I am forever grateful for your support. You have been exactly the kind of coach I needed. You have held me accountable but always with a caring and loving attitude. It’s so important not to feel judged when talking about embarrassing intimate situations. You always made me feel safe and supported.” – Linda

This, of course, warms my heart. And it’s something that I want to offer to you, too.

So many of my clients come to me feeling ashamed and embarrassed to admit all of these crazy things that they are thinking about and struggling with. But in my world, it’s all normal. And there’s a standing challenge to any of my girlfriend-clients to try to “out-crazy” my brain. If you can tell me something crazier than what my brain has already come up with through the years… you win a prize. 😉

Linda also added this: “It means a lot not to be ”left alone” after these sessions ended, to be able to reach out if needed. The knowledge of your ongoing support on e-mail is strengthening.”

After your 8-weeks are over, you still get to reach out when needed to get additional support and keep your progress going! And you’re always welcome to sign up for more coaching in the future.

“Every grumpy girlfriend deserves to feel better

I’ll tell you all day every day that I think you should sign up for coaching so that you can finally enjoy your good relationship. But here’s what Linda, someone who has actually been through the program, has to say to you if you’re on the fence:

“Take this chance! Every grumpy girlfriend deserves to feel better. This is different from books and podcasts. This is 1:1 loving and helpful support that will make a difference in your life. Make this investment in your mental health and well-being, as well as in your relationship. You will be a stronger and happier girlfriend after this!” – Linda

I know what you’re thinking… “It worked for her, but it probably won’t work for me.” Listen, Linda and so many of my other clients have thought the exact same thing. The only difference between you and them is that they took a leap of faith.

Seriously. There is nothing else that separates you from a girlfriend who overcomes her grumpiness and starts enjoying her good relationship. It just takes some effort and determination and you’re already on your way there. I have the tools, the knowledge, the experience. And the unshakable belief that you can do it! All you need is to believe that it could be possible for you, too.

Click the button below to read more about the program and submit your application today.

xo Katrin

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