Time to finally enjoy your good relationship

Imagine 8 weeks from now, your partner has just done something that normally would've sent you into a major freakout... and you handle it with complete calm and grace. What would that be like?


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Listen, just because you are the problem and it's "all in your head" doesn't mean it's not worth fixing.

Imagine being able to enjoy your alone-time while your partner is out with friends. Or being able to connect with your partner and laugh about things that used to freak you out.

One day, you'll be able to look back on this phase of your relationship with compassion. And most importantly, you will be grateful and proud that you decided to invest in yourself and make a change.

You don't have do this alone.

THIS IS THE YEAR THAT YOU take your happiness seriously and get help.

"This program was life-changing for me and my only wish is that I started it earlier"


Here's What You Need:

The ability to understand yourself

There's nothing wrong with your self-awareness. It's a 10/10. But we need to take it one step further so that you can actually make a change.

Tools to manage your mind

Negative self-talk, self-judgment, and beating yourself up is not an effective way to manage your mind and your emotions. You need new, better tools for that.

To become an emotional adult

Emotional childhood is one of the key causes of grumpiness, jealousy, and insecurities in relationships. Time to emotionally grow up and set yourself free.


If you are feeling sick from jealousy, constantly criticizing your partner for no reason, or drowning in shame over your poor behavior... this is the solution for you. 8 weeks from now, you won't only know better but also do, think, and feel better.

THE 8-week program

me coaching you



Social media, your partner's ex, female colleagues, partner going out with friends, playing games online, porn... there are endless jealousy triggers in a relationship which makes it a perfect topic for coaching.




That brain of yours is the source of all this drama. We know that. But contrary to popular belief, policing your brain actually makes it worse. What I'll teach you is a logical, simple process of managing your mind.

My problem


Do they love me? Am I good enough? Will they leave me for someone better? Insecurity goes hand in hand with uncertainty and can cause a lot of pain for you and for your partner.

YUP, that's me


Whether you're frustrated with yourself, your partner, or yourself for being frustrated with your partner, we can work on that together and set you free from this uptight emotion.

And so much more...






The results you're going to get:

How does this sound?

Make peace with the worst-case scenarios in order to release them.

Learn how to handle your brain's freakouts without involving your partner.

Stop viewing other women + your partner's free will as a threat.

Dare to just be happy today, regardless of what will happen tomorrow.

Stop beating yourself up and turn your self-judgment into curiosity.

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Once I have reviewed your application we meet virtually on a consultation call to go over all the details.


Once you have decided to enroll in the program, we will finally start working together on a weekly basis!


How it works

I finally feel like I have the power to be the girlfriend I want to be!

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The program helped me achieve my goal - to become a nicer, more easy-going girlfriend in a mature and stable relationship.

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A year from now, you'll wish you started today.

so let's get  you started!

"My relationship with my partner, and more importantly, myself, has transformed completely."

I’ve learned to be the easy-going, joyful girlfriend that I want to be. I’ve been able to let go of control issues and fear surrounding my boyfriend’s drinking. I’ve learned to set boundaries with love and have become aware of some of my tendencies towards codependency.


"It has been the best decision I have made in a really long time"

At first, I thought I was doing the program for my boyfriend to save my relationship. Throughout my coaching with Katrin she made me realize all of my feelings were coming from the thoughts I had and I was the one who had the power to control what came next. I realized the coaching was for ME and my relationship with my partner has improved because of it.


"As someone who has tried it all, this is the answer!"

I have been in therapy most of my life and I have gained more knowledge and understanding of my thought process and emotions in this time with Katrin than I ever with any therapist. Signing up was not easy financially, but I made it work and it has been one of the best decisions of my life ... I mean that very literally.






“Nothing can compare to the journey Katrin took me on in my own mind.”


If you're anything like me, you've always been a high-achiever and taken pride in your ability to figure things out. So not only is this struggle painful and difficult... it's also somewhat of an identity crisis. Because you just can't figure it out no matter how hard you try. But here's the good news: Once you learn what works and what you need to do to reach the results you want...

You are successful in all other areas of your life. But this situation is different. You need someone who's been in your shoes to tell you what works.

you'll be unstoppable!


Schedule your free consultation call today!

The consultation call is not only about us getting to know each other and going over the specifics. It's an important opportunity for you to define where you are today and where you want to go! This will set the stage for our 8 weeks together.

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Know how to break down any situation to determine what the facts are and what you're making it mean.

Be able to process any emotion that comes up instead of avoiding or reacting to it.

Understand what it means to choose to trust your partner and how to actually do it.

No longer need to mentally and emotionally prepare for all the worst-case scenarios.

Stop monitoring and controlling everything your partner does and get your life back.

Dare to enjoy yourself because you believe you'll be okay no matter what.

By the end of these 8 weeks, you will...

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“I didn’t realize even when starting this but it's been a gateway that I really needed into the life I really want.”

- Raigeda

Nothing can compare to the journey Katrin took me on in my own mind, I always tried to find solutions to the issues I’ve had with my own brain but nothing would stick, what I’ve learned with Katrin not only stuck but rebooted my mind in a way that I never comprehended it could.

“I'm in charge of my own self-image now and can face new challenges with joy and courage.”


Others might laugh, but I can finally feel excited about challenging myself because I know that it will move me closer to the person I want to be.

Hey there!

I'm Katrin, Grumpy GF turned coach

I'm pretty sure you weren't planning on desperately needing relationship help in THIS of all relationships. Well, neither did I...

...when I met my kind, loving, and supportive partner. But here we are. Long story short, I was a textbook grumpy girlfriend for the first 5 years of our relationship. Today, a couple of years and a lot of work later, I am the happy, relaxed, calm girlfriend I never thought I could be, helping other grumpy girlfriends do the same.

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forever Girlfriend, COACH, introvert, puppy mom

i struggled the first five years of my relationship

I tried therapy, going on and off all kinds of birth control, checking my thyroid (apparently a common cause of raging bitchilitis), doing a neuropsychiatric evaluation, trying to change my partner... nothing worked. So when I say that this solution works, you can trust me on that. If the I, the OG grumpy girlfriend could change, so can you.

i can help because i've been there

but nowI know how to help!

This solution is unique because...

NO partner participation required

A lot of relationship and couple's counselling is centered around communication and helping each other meet the other person's needs. If that is what you're looking for, you're in the wrong place.

When you work with me, your partner doesn't even have to know that you're going through the program (unless you want them to). We are going to work on your thoughts and emotions in order to change your experience of the relationship. And we don't need your partner to participate in that. It only takes one person, and that person is you.

You are, of course, free to involve them if you want. But it's not necessary.

It's not my job to validate you

Initially, we all just want to be validated in how we think and feel because it feels good. But you come to me because you want to change. Change doesn't happen by validating your current worldview that has caused these problems to begin with.

I have so much love for you and I will hold space for all your thoughts and feelings. Zero judgment! But my job is to champion for the results you want to achieve. For the person you want to be. And in order to do that, we are going to question your thoughts and feelings, together.

Let's stop "validating" thoughts and feelings that make you feel like ass in your good relationship for no reason.

i, as your coach, have walked the walk

Look, I know it's not necessary to have a vagina to be a gynaecologist, or to have cancer in order to be an oncologist. You can still know how to help. But you know... it also doesn't hurt.

I have been the worst kind of grumpy girlfriend. I've been on rock bottom. I have made a fool out of myself in front of my partner's friends. I have cried myself to sleep. I had no hope. I literally thought there was just something wrong with me. And today, I am confident, independent, and PROUD of the kind of girlfriend I am.

I have had half a million followers on social media, been on magazine covers, gotten straight A's, represented the US national team... but there is nothing I'm more proud of than the journey I've taken as a girlfriend and who I am today.

And this experience makes my coaching program truly unique.

lifetime access to resources

flexible Session scheduling

e-mail support

Follow a proven process

your unique struggles determine what your program includes.

This is not a pre-made course that'll take you through a standardized formula. This is a highly personalized 1:1 program where you and I decide what we are going to work on together, what you need, and how to get the results you desire.

Taking your happiness seriously.

Investing in yourself and your relationship.

Learning how to manage the behaviors that are harmful towards you and your partner.

Stop judging yourself on top of struggling with grumpiness, jealousy, and insecurity.

Ending this unhealthy cycle of bottling up and blowing up time and time again.

Becoming the happy, easy-going woman and girlfriend you've always wanted to be.

If you want this to be the year that you FINALLY commit to:

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This       for you if:

you've been trying to change on your own without any results

You're suffering from severe mental illness and need therapy

You're willing to do anything to give your relationship a chance

You think it your partner needs to change to make the situation better

It's probably        for you if:

You're in a bad relationship with a partner who doesn't treat you well



You want a solution that fixes you and not your partner

Let's get started.


What if I'm too _____ to be able to change?

Insecure, jealous, screwed up... I've heard it all. "It works for all those other girlfriends, but it's probably not going to work for me". This is completely normal to think. It's like a defence mechanism against change. But the truth is that you can change. You are capable. And you can become that happy, easy-going, secure girlfriend you've always wanted to be. As long as you show up, participate, and do the work, I'll make sure you have everything you need to achieve your goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join even if my relationship status is _____?

Single, complicated, on again/off again, polyamorous... Yes. We will still go through the application and consultation process to make sure you're a good fit for the program and that I'm a good fit to help you with your struggles. But if it's a match there is no reason we can't work together. And if I think there might be someone else who is better suited to help you, I'll make sure to refer you to them.

What if I still feel _____ after the 8 weeks of coaching?

You will. Because 8 weeks is not enough time to eliminate emotions from your body. The goal for our time together is not for you to start and finish your journey. The goal is for you to learn all the tools you need to continue your progress for years to come. I've been doing this for three years and I'm still improving and learning all the time. And if you want to continue working with me, that can, of course, be arranged. :)

Got other questions? Send them to katrin@katrinberndt.com

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Are you ready to say goodbye to the grumpy girlfriend once and for all? Are you ready to truly enjoy the best relationship you've ever had? You are worth this investment in yourself.

so, my friend...