do you struggle with

Jealousy, anxiety, & grumpiness?

Just admitting that to yourself can be loaded with shame, guilt, and self-judgment. I get it. But you're in the right place.

Whatever your brain is telling you about yourself, your partner, and your relationship, my brain has done it too. So, let me help you break free from that disempowering cycle and step into your true girlfriend excellence.


My Partner Could Be Cheating On Me Right Now...

If I only had one chance to talk to you about your jealousy, anxiety, and fear, this is what I would say.

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let me introduce myself...

i'M kATRIN, your coach.

I always thought I was either born or raised without the ability to be a confident, secure, and emotionally intelligent girlfriend. I just wasn't one of those girls...

Long story short, I hit the jackpot with my first boyfriend at the age of 21. His grounded love allowed me to hit my rock bottom and from there, grow into the excellent girlfriend and woman I am today. Now I help you do the same.

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A personalized coaching experience where you learn how to show up as the excellent, elite version of yourself in your life and relationship.


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