I was the stereotypical grumpy, jealous girlfriend who had no control over her thoughts and emotions.

Growing up in a very high-performance home, getting straight A's, and performing in sports, I always thought that I would be an independent, confident, secure girlfriend.

And I always thought that I wanted an independent, confident, secure boyfriend. Ironically, I got exactly what I wished for.

As it turned out, I was an anxious, jealous, grumpy MESS. I had no control over myself, my emotions, or behaviors...

There's just something wrong with me.

I used to think I wasn't born or raised to be a good girlfriend and my only hope was learning to hide my true self well enough to pass and not destroy my relationship.

This lead to bottling everything up and then exploding all over the place. Regularly. And it wasn't pretty.

For years, I relentlessly searched for answers. I went to therapy, I changed birth control methods, I ruled out thyroid issues, did a neuropsychiatric evaluation, and of course, tried to change my partner.

Nothing worked. Maybe I'm just a horrible person...


Logical, not vague and “woo-ey.”
Change me, not my partner.
In my own control to execute.
Create lasting change.



I defied all my limiting beliefs and become the girlfriend I never thought I could be.

Nothing brings me more pleasure than impressing myself. Blowing my own damn mind just because I can. And becoming an excellent, emotionally intelligent, and secure girlfriend is the most badass thing I've accomplished (so far).

Now I help you do the same.


at the end of the day...

You can't control the world around you, but luckily, you don't have to. You just have to control yourself.

Once I found the answers I was looking for, everything fell into place. Just a couple of months of hard work later,
my life and relationship had changed for good.

Since then, I have been helping girlfriends all across the world dump the grump and become the partners and women they ultimately want to be.

No more settling for "good enough."

Excellence over mediocrity.

How you show up in your relationship with your partner is all about you and your relationship with yourself.

Your relationship with yourself dictates all areas of your life.

Elite girlfriends strive for excellence over mediocrity, not to please their partners... but because it transforms how they show up in the world.

Once I became the girlfriend I wanted to be, I got my life back. My business grew, I had more time for my interests, friends, and family, and I took better care of myself.

This is about so much more than your relationship.
This is about YOU.


Handle challenges with grace.
Take full ownership of themselves.
Don't make excuses.
Create their own certainty.


Curiosity, radical responsibility, let's fucking go-energy, eagerness to learn, BIG goals and dreams!


Not doing the work, trying to control your partner, self-judgment, blame,“toxic” anything, excuses.


Agree? Then we're a great fit.