Check check check check! All the things on my to do list have been checked off and I can officially end the day haha. I just finished editing the vlog I filmed today and I like how it turned out. I hope you guys will like it too! It will be up on Sunday or Monday! We'll see. :)

I was recently informed that someone close to me has been diagnosed with a shitty disease so I have been thinking a lot about that since then... It's frustrating, sad and unfair, but that's life. And I know they will get through it and come out 100 times stronger on the other side. No doubt in my mind. But of course it's near impossible to not worry.

Appreciate the health you have a little extra tonight, that would make me happy!

Good night!

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One day left until the release of Ambage's new music video! I'm so excited for you guys to see it. As you might remember we shot the whole thing in August when I still had my long hair (that I miss quite a lot hehe). So tomorrow I will post my behind the scenes vlog from that weekend and you'll also get to see the actual video. IT'S SO GOOD. The film maker, Hannes Hollender, is so talented, it was great to work with him!

Today I'm going to the hospital for a quicky to renew my birth control prescription (no behbehs pls) and I'm vlogging, so we'll see what I get up to. I'm thinking of finally trying out a new pair of glasses and ordering them, 'cause they have a Black Friday deal for 50% off all glasses. Pretty good! I've been meaning to get a new pair for months now. :)

Sonny is also vlogging today, so there will be a vlogception for those of you who watch both of our channels.



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1. It's Black Friday time again. I want to remind everyone that 50% off something that you do not need is still 100% money wasted. Don't get pulled into the hysteria of consuming things just 'cause they are discounted. It's the furthest from being financially smart. But if you do need something or have needed it for a long time... maybe you have Christmas gifts to buy, then sure - now would be a great time to do so!

2. I really wish that Swedish YouTuber/Influencer Therese Lindgren's new book about veganism would be translated into English so you guys could read it as well. She is the most inspiring, nice, respectful person and the way she expresses herself on the subject is fantastic. My Christmas wishlist from Sonny this year is a reflex/reflective vest (for running) and a vegan cookbook.

3. The more invested and informed I am about the world on the topic of sexism, feminism, patriarchy, gender equality, gender aware parenting etc, the more I'm questioning if I ever want to bring a child into this world. I just don't see where you get the energy to fight the injustices, children being forced into stereotypes at a young age, being questioned and shamed for your choices... How do you protect your children from these things? You can't. And it's so frustrating.



It's time for part 2 of my mom's trip to India! A lot of experiences were crammed into just a few days, so I hope you guys can keep up hehe! /Katrin

Ahead of our round-trip we read up on Kerala, googled information and listened to others. We shared our wishes with our travel agents and those wishes consisted of more or less everything, which of course wouldn't be doable in 5-6 days. We wanted to see cities, mountains, oceans and backwaters and these things we managed, kind of.

We flew to Kochi, where there is an international airport. Here we lived in a tiny "museum hotel" in Fort Kochi (the old district) right next to the water. We had a large two story room, breakfast was served on the patio with a view of the water and the staff was very nice. The first day our guide Aslam drove us to a tailor where we placed an order for the wedding outfits (more about that later), we took a stroll along the beach where we saw fishermen handling the Chinese fish nets, markets and houses of all different sizes and standards. We visited churches, synagogues, a small castle and a very archaic "laundromat" where all washing was done manually, standing in the washing water. One evening we went to a Kathakali theatre, difficult to understand but an interesting experience. Outside of Kochi there is an island called Vypern, we took a ferry there for a (short!) walk on the miles long beach and lunch.

Kochi ended up being the only city, with our definition of the word, we ended up visiting. There were markets and shops full of things, but then they were literally full of everything. On our way to the airport before traveling home we visited the Lulu Mall, the largest mall in India, which was the same size as any average mall in any Swedish town. Therefore, shopping was not a walk in the park.

On day 3 we left Kochi and traveled to a Homestay by Mararikulam Beach. We stayed in a small traditional house of very simple standard (washroom under an open sky). We were the only guests which was both nice and challenging, since it put a lot of focus on our appreciation of the family's cooking. (It was difficult to avoid things that were not one's cup of tea, with four expectant eyes watching you).

The first evening we decided to walk to the beach. We had to pass a grove, a footbridge consisting of three logs and a rope to cross a stream and random wandering behind people's back yards before we arrived at the beach. From there we walked along a groyne of rock to get to a part of the beach where we (I) thought we could go for a swim. When we got there we realized that the sun was setting at a pace we do not see at home!

We had to start hurrying back home, balancing on the rocks, Jasenka scared of the stray dogs on the beach and of course we did not find the right path in the increasing darkness. Luckily the fishermen gave us a hand. A this point is was so dark in the grove that we barely saw where we placed our feet, and I said a silent prayer that we wouldn't run into any snakes. At the footbridge it was light enough for us to safely cross, but it was with a sigh of relief that we arrived back at our little house. Lesson - bring a headlamp during evening walks!

On day 4 we were picked up for a three hour long trip along Kerala's Backwaters. Originally our wish was a for 1-2 night trip on a houseboat, but since parts of our trip were re-booked we had to let go of the houseboat journey, something that we realized afterwards that we should have prioritized. But three hours on a motorboat in the water landscape and in and out of different canals where we could see people's everyday lives was still an incredible experience.

We saw people working in rice fields in incredible heat with a working environment we couldn't even begin to comment on, others washed, dished, bathed and prepared food by tiny stone plateaus by the water which every house seemed to have. The houses were big, beautiful, lavish or small, inconspicuous, colorless with simple tin roofs. We often discussed and reflected over our own perception of lacking sanitation and hygiene, and compared to how long we ourselves have had the standards we have today. It has to do with knowledge and education, but also traditions and culture.

On day 5 we traveled to a new Homestay, by the slopes of the Western Ghats mountaints. This was an organic farm where they grew spices, fruits and vegetables but also had rubber trees. This Homestay had a very nice standard and a lot of guests so this was completely different compared to our other visit. We had a guided tour in the garden where we got to see and taste what was growing there, they had Ayurveda massage (I passed, but after Jasenka's description it did not sound like classic Swedish massage), we did early morning yoga and village walks.

In the evening, together with some of the other guests, we got to see the chef preparing dinner in the kitchen and it turned out that he had his own cookbook and appeared on Indian TV. The lunch on the last day consisted of a vegetarian, Keralian meal served on banana leaves with 20 different dips, dishes, fruits and nuts. We agreed that we could have stayed here for another night but sadly it was fully booked.

We noticed that in many places they seemed to use moth balls. If this was to keep away vermin or 'cause they considered it to give off a nice and pleasant odor was not clear, but for us it smelled terrible.

Alcohol was not very common either, it seemed like it was mainly available at "nicer" places. At a restaurant where we had lunch and I had a beer to the meal, it was not allowed to have the bottle standing on the table since it was a "family restaurant". The women at the table next to us did not look very impressed.

From the organic farm we had a 2,5 - 3 hour car ride to the final destination where we would get to wedding's different locations. It rained non-stop during the car ride, and the roads were more like rivers than roads.



Good evening!

I have spent the day working, filming a video that is up on my channel right now. Sonny and I make some DIY holiday decorations that smell GREAT. Then Rascal and I took a little walk outside (freezing cold), and when I got back Rascal had a tiny seizure. :( But it was just a tiny tiny one, a kind he has had before, and if he only has these tiny seizures we can live with it (and the vet said that it's okay too). It has been 4 weeks since the last seizure now which is great improvement!

Now the puppy is snoozing in his puppy palace and I am going to read some stuff in an app I downloaded yesterday! More about that later...