Oh hello!

Currently having breakfast after walking the puppy, watching Dr. Phil. I haven't quite decided what the plan is for today. I think I'm going to the gym in not too long and then hopefully inspiration with strike and I'll be able to film a video, but we'll see how that works out.

In other news the Crossfit Games 2017 start today!! And today is pretty much the only day I will be able to watch it since I'm working all weekend haha. I have been looking into getting into crossfit for a while now. It seems like so much fun. The crossfit gym in my town has an 8 week bootcamp that I want to join, but the next 8 weeks start at the end of august and I would miss 2 weeks of workouts due to travels. So I will probably wait for the next start so I don't "waste" the money.

Do any of you do crossfit or have you tried it?

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Inspiring People

Isabella Löwengrip · Scandinavias biggest blogger with 1.5m readers. Combines family life with a very successful career as and entrepreneur. My biggest inspiration!

Ulrikke Falch · 'Skam' actor, body positivity, humor, awesomeness.

Gunhild Stordalen · MD/PhD, Founder and President of @EATFoundation & the Stordalen Foundation.


Katrín Davíðsdóttir · 2015 & 2016 Fittest woman on earth (winner of Crossfit Games), from Iceland. Awesome name.

Annie Thorén · Successful Swedish triathlete, apparently lives in the same town as me haha! Discovered her account just a few days ago but I'm already inspired by her dedication and success.

Renata Chlumska · Adventurer. "Small glimpses from the everyday adventures of my life. From the highest mountains in the world to my backyard in Jönköping, Sweden."

Fredrik Sträng · Adventurer, motivational speaker, recently gave up on his mission to summit K2 for the second time in his life, due to weather conditions. Safety first!


So these are all the accounts that I follow on Instagram that really inspire me in one way or another (maybe not the Dick Latte so much heheh). I love following successful, passionate and fearless people who work hard to achieve their goals! But I also love following the occasional nature and interior design account as well, for the pretty pictures hehe.

What are your favorite Instagram accounts? I'd love to check them out! So link them in the comments!



I have been a bad blogger today hehe. I had lunch with a friend and I didn't take one single picture of it. Hahah. Kidding. I didn't even have lunch, I just had a piece of cake and some tea. But it was nice to see her again anyway.

I thought I'd dedicate this blog post to my new lovely ring. I posted about it on Instagram last week when I picked it up. It's my first diamond jewellery of my own. I got the diamond from my grandmother before she passed away when I was a baby. And now I decided to turn it in to have it put into another ring (since the original one isn't exactly my style.

Women don't have to wait for marriage before they wear diamonds haha! This is my power ring, to symbolize my hard work and success in life so far. The next piece of jewellery will probably be a nice, expensive watch, but it won't be anytime soon. Maybe when I reach some big business related goal in the future. ^^ I already have a Burberry trench coat planned for when I reach 500k or turn 25 (depending on what comes first heh).

I just love looking at diamonds. Diamonds and fireworks. Two of my favorite things. Oh and fire, I love looking at fire too haha. Maybe I need a fireplace in my future home.



Don't let the cool pose fool you. I'm not excited right about now. Decided to end the day at the gym... it was boring as shit, my legs still hurt, I will never get back to running ever again, I know what's wrong, I can't do anything about it, everything just sucks. Hard.

And my heels have started hurting as well. And I'm tired of all the suggestions I get, as if I haven't read every article on the internet about what's wrong and how to get better. "REST FOR 86 WEEKS AND THEN MAYBE IT'LL BE BETTER". Gee, thanks.

At this rate I won't be running the 10k I have planned for September either. Fuck it all.

On a happier note I'm meeting up with a friend tomorrow. Might stuff my face with some pastries. At least that doesn't make my body hurt. Harr harr.

I hope you guys have had a better ending to the day than I have. Good night!



Only found this low resolution before-picture. But I think most of you have an idea of what it has looked like.

Every fall I and every spring I get this urge to rearrange the entire apartment haha! Or at least to get some new pillowcases or new plants or something. Last night I stayed up until 2am and made lists on Ikea's website of things I want to buy. Today I cleaned out our cleaning closet and re-arranged the living room.

Before we moved in, this is what Sonny wanted it to look like. I preferred it the other way, and honestly I still do. I feel like it's too closed off now, and that's what Sonny likes. He has no feeling for feng shui. But why not give it a go for a few days and see how it feels. The worst part is not in the pictures though, and that is that the side of the couch that faces the room (or has its back to the room) kinda covers the door out to our patio. Hm.

I would ultimately like to hang the TV on the wall if this is a solution we're going to keep, but I have a feeling it'll go back to normal sometime soon hehe. What do you guys think?